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Influenced by the 90s and early 2000s Alternative/Pop-Rock bands, Arizona-based Lost Cali is Joey Avalos' first solo project since departing his previous Tulsa-based band, Stars Go Dim.


However, when it came to recording Lost Cali, Joey decided to re-connect with another part of his past by teaming up with his old bandmates from Justifide, the Moncivaiz brothers. "Samuel and Jason have always been my brothers even though we haven't been in a band together for over 20 years. They both are so talented when it comes to producing, playing and engineering that I knew I wanted work with them on this project, "Joey says. "When we work together it's like time has never passed.


"​Even though Lost Cali is technically just Joey Avalos (principle songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist), he still wanted the Lost Cali project to still sound like a band, and not a solo artist. "That was another reason why I wanted to work with the Moncivaiz brothers on this project, " Joey says. "They are band guys and I knew that they would approach the Lost Cali music as if it was their band. I welcomed their input and encouraged them to put their stamp on my music."

Untitled_Artwork (2).png
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